As an Exclusive in bound Tour Operator  that we have organized hundreds of cultural, historical, archeological, educational, religious and special interest tours for our  thousands of guests mainly from USA. Europe, Australia   and from all over the world  in Istanbul and in all over Turkey for the last 18 years . We also have organized many events, meetings, including hotel booking, renting luxurious villas and apartments in Istanbul and in all over Turkey. Esendal   International Tourism &Travel has gained an excellent  reputation in Tourism industry for its  Reliability,  Honesty, Trustworthiness and excellent services. What Esendal promise do it exactly without any doubt and delay. We work with our business partners in all over the world on mutual benefits , and we  always tell them the truth and never  miss lead them and we always keep our promise what we  tell to our valuable clients , and we never have had any complaint from our clients so far. We have always been very honest for our business partners. As property business in Turkey and Istanbul is growing and rising up very fast. Many people/ investors from other countries want to make investment in Istanbul and in Turkey as a profitable future investment or they want to live in such a great city which has excellent location, history. Istanbul  is the blend of several cultures ,believes  and ethnic people who lived in this great city in peace  for centuries   that  has excellent climate for living  . As we do read very often from daily newspapers and social media, unfortunately some  of  the foreign investors or people bought property in Turkey   have  had bad experiences  and lost money because of the  some  bad people  in real-estate sector  or similar institutions. We have had many enquiries /demands  from our  very valuable deer foreign visitors / guests(who visited Turkey with us during our organizations and tours)   to  diversify our  tourism business   and be in property  and real estate  sector in Turkey as a very reliable and honest people and company.. So we have been encouraged by our foreign guests to involve in Property and investment sector.  Our priority is to be very honest to our business partners, clients that we never tolerate from our service quality and reliability for the sake of money that makes us very different than our competitors.  Istanbul has become the most attractive city in the world for several reasons for the foreign investors or for those of them who would like to buy property and live in such  a beautiful country and climate .Istanbul geographically has excellent   location as being  at the  junction point of west and east and on the main maritime passageway  connecting –Mediterranean  Sea via Aegean Sea , Dardanelles and Bosphorus to the Black Sea.

We work as middle company   –bridge between a very reliable and reputable construction companies and our foreign property buyers and investors.